RDEPENDS in a containerized world

Joel A Cohen

I'm not sure if this is the proper venue, but I'll send it here hoping for any insight.

I'm developing a containerized system. Ideally the host will be somewhat minimal, and most of the functionality of the system will run inside docker containers.

I have most of this working to some extent now, but am beginning to run into an issue.

How do I handle runtime dependencies that I "know" are provided by the host?

For example, I have one particular application that requires gpsd at runtime.

I know that gpsd is installed on the host, so would prefer that it not be installed again in the docker container for this application.

Do I have to edit the recipe for the application and remove the RDEPENDS="gpsd" line, or is there some more clever way that I can specify that the RDEPENDS has been fulfilled for the container that is being built?


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