Recommended practice to live together hardcoded Linux GIDs with dynamic GIDs

Javier Tia


On a random manner, these errors appear:

ERROR: do_install: groupadd command did not succeed
ERROR: do_install: Function failed: useradd_sysroot

It's hard to reproduce. Tried several times to reproduce the error with `bitbake -c install <RECIPE>` and `bitbake -C install <RECIPE>`. It is the only information we have from the build logs. Sounds like a race condition.

The recipe is creating several hardcoded Linux groups (GID) with useradd class.

In this thread [1] from 2014, there is a practice to the limitation of users/groups creation dependency.


Is there to this date a better practice to make work together the Linux hardcoded GIDs with the dynamic GID?

Should be all the GIDs be created dynamically?

Poky 2.1 is being used.


Javier TiĆ”

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