Re: How to specify a different kernel for an image

Patrick Doyle <wpdster@...>

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 10:03 AM Gabriele Zampieri
<gabbla.malist@...> wrote:
2. My new image going to be used as an installation image for my
production image. So I need to include the production image (for
MACHINE="mymachine")) deploy products in the image for my installation
image. How can I do that if I define a new MACHINE for the production

This is not clear to me. With 'installation image' do you mean a full image (bootloader, kernel, rootfs etc)?
Can you give me some more details about this use case?
Hi Gabriele,
Thank you again so much for your help! My use case is as follows: I
need to create an image that will go on a USB stick that we use when
we manufacture our boards. That image will be used to flash the
production image that we ship. The manufacturing image will have a
different kernel configuration, possibly a different device tree, and
certainly a different rootfs than our production image. I would like

$ bitbake manufacturing-image

and have the build system set up so that it builds production-image
and includes production-image-ubi.img as a file in the rootfs for my

It seems to me that
production-image-ubi.img must be built with MACHINE=mymachine
manufacturing-image would have to be built with MACHINE=my-manufacturing-machine

...and that's where I get confused/concerned about using a different
MACHINE for my manufacturing image vs my production image.


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