Re: Are native packages dependencies listed in license.manifest?

Ross Burton

The image manifest lists what is being *distributed* so doesn't
include native dependencies.


On Mon, 24 Jun 2019 at 19:50, <> wrote:

I’m currently working to remove all GPLv3 packages included in my image.
I was using the license manifest file to list the remaining GPLv3 packages to remove.
While I was trying to remove gdbm, I ecountered some native dependencies.
When I looked at the license.manifest file, gdbm was still listed.
So I was asking myself if I still had packages that depends/includes gdbm hidden somewhere or it’s because the license.manifest also list packages used on the build host even if they are not included in the image.
For example, if curl-native is used in a recipe will curl be listed in license.manifest even if curl is not in the image?

So in other words, does license.manifest also includes native packages or it only lists the packages that make up the image (included in the image)?

Thanks for the support,


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