Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto 1.2 Milestone 2 released

Jim Abernathy

On 01/30/2012 08:59 PM, Flanagan, Elizabeth wrote:
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We are pleased to announce the second milestone of the coming release
of Yocto 1.2. This milestone release is available at:

Additional tarballs for the meta-intel, meta-qt3 and eclipse plugin
are available at:

with mirror locations at:

For information on 1.2 M2 test results see:

Thanks you everyone for all the hard work.

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Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Release Engineer

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edison 6.1.0-m2 Errata
- --------------------
Release Name: eclipse-poky-edison-6.1.0-m2
Branch: 1.2_M2
Hash: 0dc371803a6407afbb9eecadc23bad787f106d56
md5: e67fcfb8c7ff9d23185cefb0d4ceb96f
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-intel-edison-6.1.0-m2
Branch: 1.2_M2
Hash: b6d5d9a3b06caf578103a04dc5fcf5e476343205
md5: e67fcfb8c7ff9d23185cefb0d4ceb96f
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-edison-6.1.0-m2
Branch: 1.2_M2
Hash: 0c3153242344e5113a50002939d36a2b739cc497
md5: 13303f30dd624081012d34c1b1faebbb
Download Locations:

Release Name: poky-edison-6.1.0-m2
Branch: 1.2_M2
Hash: b806f726b1db2cb605869c1022ef727c1110255b
md5: 09545a1fe774b7ad04347bce540bfbf1
Download Locations:

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- --------------------

- - HOB2 update: HOB (Human Oriented Builder) is a GUI based image
builder for people to build customized Linux image more intuitively
and efficiently. This HOB2 update includes a new GUI, re-designed
internal work flow with most of the HOB functions implemented and
significant user experience improvement. If you would like to try out
the new HOB2, please
follow these instructions:
# git clone git://
# cd poky-contrib
# git checkout remotes/origin/dxu4/hob2-v0.12 -b hob2-v0.12
# source oe-init-build-env
# hob

- - Build Appliance update: Build Appliance is a VMWare image with a
Linux OS running. Users can then build a customized Linux image and
boot it into an emulator. With this update, we added X system and
PyGTK support, which enabled the build appliance to run HOB2.

- - Minimal image unique: poky-tiny definition and upgraded packages.

- - Package history analysis: a command line tool called
"buildhistory-diff" to analyze changes in the buildhistory git repo.

- - GUI helper to start creating recipes: a GUI helper application
which can be given a tarball location (local or remote) and create a
recipe skeleton to help people get started with recipe creation.

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Known Issues
- --------------------

Known issues:
Bug 1898-[beagleboard C4] X server can not startup with 3.0 kernel.
Users of Beagleboard can still use the BSP from the 1.2 milestone 1
(M1) release.
Bug 1918-[x32] insane.bbclass reports error for x32 kernel
Bug 1899-[multilib] do_rootfs failed for lib-connman-gnome with ipk
Bug 1911-[HOB] non-GPLv3 build not work
Please refer to our bug report for M2 for more details:
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)

yocto mailing list
I seem to be missing something. I can't complete a build successfully with either the tarballs for 1.2_M2 or using the git repository and checking out 1.2_M2.Final. Something major is wrong because it dies in the first few seconds. basic stuff like not being able to parse conf/bitbake.conf

Was I suppose to do something prior to starting to use this release?

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