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Why don't you use the layer that comes with the Intel compiler?


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I'm currently working on repackaging the 2016 Intel compiler and I am
stuck at the dependency resolution.

I am basing my recipe on the AUR PKGBUILD [1], which extracts the RPMs
from the parallel-studio-xe [2] archive and extracts the content of the
RPMs to get the binaries. I already have the RPMs extracted from the
tarball and stored in a git repo. Not the ideal solution, but good
enough for now.

The `bitbake` command for the recipe is passing after disabling a couple
of QA errors (too much for my taste), but the recipe for the
`core-image` fails at the dependency
resolution. From what I understand, all of the binaries inside of the
`FILES_${PN}` are checked, and one (or more) fails at the dependency
check with the following message :

Problem: conflicting requests
- nothing provides needed by

This shared library seems to be Intel related but I cannot find it in
all of the RPMs contained in the initial tarball. It is also not needed
to run the compiler, I was able to execute the `icc` and `icpc` (the c++
compiler) binaries from the devshell.

I know this is wrong and against every yocto principles, but is there a
way to skip the dependenciey resolution for a specific recipe ? Or is
there a recipe made by Intel that I missed ?
I'm also open to any suggestions on how to tackle this task.

Here's my recipe so far :


DEPENDS += "libarchive-native"

SRC_URI = # omitted

PV = "2016-1"

S = "${WORKDIR}/git"

extract_rpms() {
for rpm_file in ${S}/$1; do
bsdtar -xf ${rpm_file} -C $2

# Skip the unwanted steps
do_configure[noexec] = "1"
do_compile[noexec] = "1"

do_install () {
extract_rpms 'intel-icc*.rpm' ${D}
extract_rpms 'intel-comp*.rpm' ${D}
extract_rpms 'intel-ccomp*.rpm' ${D}
extract_rpms 'intel-openmp*.rpm' ${D}

do_package_qa[noexec] = "1"


FILES_${PN} += "/opt/intel/*"

INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "already-stripped ldflags arch staticdev file-rdeps




Simon Zeni

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