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Rudolf J Streif

Hi Andrea,

I was intending to bring the whole gokart. It's more fun to see the speedometer go up when you push down on the pedal and the regen to kick in when letting go etc. Everybody has seen hundreds of instrument cluster demos (at least when you work for the automotive industry). It might be a crowd catcher too (at least that's what I figured when I was at CES this year; a booth with a vehicle had many spectators :).

Please see early picture (without cluster) attached.


On 5/2/19 2:17 PM, Volosincu, Andreea S wrote:
Hi Rudi,

That sounds super interesting. We do have a 6'x6' exhibit booth on the show floor, and a DevDay on Tuesday, August 20.

Are you planning to show just the instrument cluster, or the whole gokart? If the gokart, I would just need to check with LF and see if we are allowed to have that on the show floor. It's certainly a new thing we haven't tried or had before.


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hi Rudolf,

+Andreea (Yocto Advocacy)

we are definitely planning to be at ELC, with a similar setup as with past ELC : booth, demo, DevDay and BoF, well, at least !


On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 9:31 PM Rudolf J Streif <rudolf.streif@...> wrote:
I apologize if I missed any communication on this mailing list but
what are the plans for a presence of YP at ELC NA in August in San
Diego this year?

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for submitting a speaking
proposal ("Yocto Project DevOps with Gitlab, Docker and AWS") for ELC.
However, if YP is planning on a presence at ELC I'd be happy to
support it as I, conveniently, live in San Diego. If there is a YP
exhibition I might be able to bring my little hobby project, an
electric gokart with YP-based instrument cluster (it's a full-size
kart with 13 kW AC motor and a LiFePo battery pack producing up to 25
kW peak power output going up to
45 mph (electronically limited)).


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