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Volosincu, Andreea S

Hi Rudi,

That sounds super interesting. We do have a 6'x6' exhibit booth on the show floor, and a DevDay on Tuesday, August 20.

Are you planning to show just the instrument cluster, or the whole gokart? If the gokart, I would just need to check with LF and see if we are allowed to have that on the show floor. It's certainly a new thing we haven't tried or had before.


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hi Rudolf,

+Andreea (Yocto Advocacy)

we are definitely planning to be at ELC, with a similar setup as with past ELC : booth, demo, DevDay and BoF, well, at least !


On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 9:31 PM Rudolf J Streif <rudolf.streif@...> wrote:

I apologize if I missed any communication on this mailing list but
what are the plans for a presence of YP at ELC NA in August in San
Diego this year?

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for submitting a speaking
proposal ("Yocto Project DevOps with Gitlab, Docker and AWS") for ELC.
However, if YP is planning on a presence at ELC I'd be happy to
support it as I, conveniently, live in San Diego. If there is a YP
exhibition I might be able to bring my little hobby project, an
electric gokart with YP-based instrument cluster (it's a full-size
kart with 13 kW AC motor and a LiFePo battery pack producing up to 25
kW peak power output going up to
45 mph (electronically limited)).


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