"meta-intel" layer bad example of a "container layer"

Robert P. J. Day

catching up with all the YP stuff i've missed over the last while
and, in the BSP guide in the layers section:


one reads:

"Some layers function as a layer to hold other BSP layers. These
layers are knows as "container layers". An example of this type of
layer is the meta-intel layer. This layer contains BSP layers for the
Intel-core2-32 IntelĀ® Common Core (Intel-core2-32) and the
Intel-corei7-64 IntelĀ® Common Core (Intel-corei7-64). the meta-intel
layer also contains the common/ directory, which contains common
content across those layers. "

pretty sure meta-intel has been a regular BSP layer for a while now,
so another example should be used. off the top of my head, i'd suggest


unless anyone has strong objections, i can send in a patch.



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