Disabling sshd is harder than it should be

Richard Weinberger

My thud based system installs openssh-sshd but I want to have sshd
disabled by default.
So I checked the docs how to disabled a systemd service by default and
found SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE, perfect.

After I put that into my bbappend file I figured that sshd is still
enabled by default.
With one difference, it was no longer present as sshd.socket, but as
This seemed odd and after another hour I realized that now sshd is
stared as good old sysvinist script. Hmm.

To finally disable sshd by default I had to disable it via systemd
_and_ sysvinit.
Is this really the expected way? :-(

For reference, this is my bbappend file which works:
INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_${PN}-sshd = "remove"


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