Re: ASSUME_PROVIDED, cmake-native and why cmake is subsequently not found?

Robert P. J. Day

On Thu, 25 Apr 2019, Bach, Pascal wrote:

rday wrote:
finally, regarding ASSUME_PROVIDED, given that i'm already
living life dangerously with an unsupported distro, is there any
harm in just loading up on ASSUME_PROVIDED packages, as long as
they work? in many cases, i can see that the version that would be
built by YP is close to, if not identical to, my host version. so
other than risking breakage down the line as versions change, as
long as the host packages work, is there any harm in just taking
advantage of them?
Generally it's fine to use ASSUME_PROVIDED if you don't mind the
dependency between the build host and Yocto.
as i mentioned, i'm already living life on the edge doing all this
on fedora 30 branched (the unofficial next release), so i'm quite
prepared to trip over versioning issues, and testing all this against
F30 at least warns me about upcoming issues that i might be able to do
bug reports or patches against ahead of time.

and it's easy to see there's a *ton* of packages i can assume
natively that should be fairly safe; in many cases, the version that
would be built by YP is exactly the same version i already have
natively. in other cases, the difference might be a micro-version off.

anyway, i probably wouldn't have bothered with this if it weren't
for that cmake issue. but let's see where this goes.



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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