m4-mative: "Please port gnulib fseeko.c to your platform!"

Robert P. J. Day

a few months ago, i ran into (and asked about) a failure building
m4-native that you can read here:


first, i will admit i'm not sure where the fault lies -- is it m4, or
gnulib, or glibc, and whose responsibility is it to fix what. i'll be
honest -- i don't understand what the bug is or who should be
resolving it.

i ask all this as i just had *exactly* the same error trying to
build agl-image-minimal with the AGL code base. what is the proper
solution to this? BTW, i'm trying this on fedora 30 branched, so this
is definitely not a supported build distro, but i'm still curious as
to what would be the proper fix.

finally, it occurs to me that, if building a native package like
"m4" fails, would it be a reasonable workaround to simply say


for the time being, to avoid having to build it until i know what the
proper fix is?



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