Re: How to get opkg in rootfilesystem

Khem Raj

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 8:36 AM, Brian Hutchinson <b.hutchman@...> wrote:

I'm still not doing something right.  I did a clean rebuild of
core-image-base and a tar jtvf core-image-base-beagleboard.tar.bz2
reveals opkg stuff in /var/lib/opkg only.  No opkg bin.

I guess I'm still in shock over this.  I mean why should I have to do
anything other than:
PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_ipk"
this means thats what format you want for package to be spitted out.
weather you want online (on device) package management is a different story

I mean, if I specify I want package_ipk in the "Package Management
configuration" section, doesn't logic follow that the image would be
created with opkg and some sample opkg.conf files?  What use is it to
generate all those .ipk's for the repository the build does without
opkg being there?

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