Re: Proper Use of KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD variable

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 2019-02-02 10:16 p.m., Ken Sloat wrote:
On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 10:03 PM Bruce Ashfield
<bruce.ashfield@...> wrote:

On 2019-02-02 9:59 p.m., Ken Sloat wrote:

I have an out of tree kernel module which I want autoloaded at startup
on my system. Looking at the Yocto project manual, I see that one way
I can do this is to add the module name to the KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD
variable within my custom module recipe.

What I have found is that the module-split class is indeed generating
the "/etc/modules-load.d/mymodule.conf" file, however this file is not
actually being installed. To be more precise it is appearing in the
"package" directory (i.e.
tmp/work/**/mymodule/package/etc/modules-load.d/mymodule.conf) but not
within the "image" directory (nor in my final rootfs).

Is there something I'm missing in the usage of KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD?
Is the intention for this variable I add extra steps to manually
install this file in my recipe? FYI I'm using Morty.
Can you provide your recipe ? It would make suggestions easier. For
example, my first question is: Is the module being installed to your
image via IMAGE_INSTALL, or some other similar variable ?


Ken Sloat
Hi Bruce,
Thanks for your quick reply. Yes the module is being installed via
image_install. Module is installed but generated conf file is not. See
recipe below:
Hmm. If you are really installing kernel-module-<your name> to the
image, at a glance, what you have really should be enough.

Can you confirm that you are seeing your .ko on the image, and that
it just isn't being autoloaded ? Are you running an init system that
respects the autoload configuration ?

inherit module kernel-module-split
Note that module already inherits kernel-module-split, so you really
shouldn't need to explicitly add that inherit.


DEPENDS = "virtual/kernel"
EXTRA_OEMAKE_append = " \
MAKE_TARGETS = "module"
MODULE_NAME = "mymodule"
PKG_${PN} = "kernel-module-${MODULE_NAME}"
module_do_install() {
install -d ${D}/lib/modules/${KERNEL_VERSION}/kernel/${MODULE_NAME}
install -m 0644 ${MODULE_NAME}.ko \
FILES_${PN} = " \
/lib/modules/${KERNEL_VERSION}/kernel/${MODULE_NAME} \

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