Re: libstdc++fs on toolchain

João Gonçalves <joao.jfgoncalves@...>

> I've tested with gcc 7.3 and with gcc 8.2 and and none have the libstdc++fs
> library.
> On my host machine the library is at
> /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/7/libstdc++fs.a
> Does anyone know how to include this library on a yocto generated toolchain?

At least on x86 targets, it's available from gcc-runtime recipe and
libstdc++-staticdev binary package on sumo/yocto 2.5 and later.

Yes, It is available on libstdc++-staticdev, thank you
But now it wasn't installed on toolchain sysroot  (built with my image  do_populate_sdk)

I tested adding libstdc++-staticdev to IMAGE_INSTALL.

Adding it to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK and TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK make the populate_sdk fail.

Isn't  the TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK the right way to add a package only to the toolchain?

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