Re: dnf fail in do_rootfs cannot find shared library

Måns Zigher <mans.zigher@...>


I am sorry but I cannot locate the .spec file. I tried searching for .spec in the tmp/work but I could not find any .spec file. Do I have to build with a flag to get this .spec file?

Måns Zigher

Den ons 23 jan. 2019 kl 12:07 skrev Alexander Kanavin <alex.kanavin@...>:

One more thing: can you provide the .spec file that is generated
during build and used to create .rpm packages? You will find it under

Please try not to edit anything out of it.


On Wed, 23 Jan 2019 at 12:02, Måns Zigher <mans.zigher@...> wrote:
> I have toke the rpm file that was produced. I found the file under the build directory under tmp/work/imx8mq-strix-linux/x_media/1.0-r44/deploy-rpms/imx8mq/temp/x_media-1.0-r44.imx8mq.rpm. I used the following commands
> 7z x x_media-1.0-r44.imx8mq.rpm
> 7z x x_media-1.0-r44.imx8mq.cpio
> The result from this gave me the file tree where I then could run
> file usr/lib/
> usr/lib/ ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, ARM aarch64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped
> So I believe that I have concluded that the rpm include the file that dnf is complaining about. I don't understand why dnf thinks that this dependency is not meet when it clearly is part of the package. I have added verbose flags to the dnf call but dose not give any more information.
> I am not sure how I can proceed to find out what I have done wrong. The recipe is a bit of a freak of nature because the binaries that I am packaging is actually built using another toolchain but it is for the same arch can dnf detect that?
> BR
> Måns Zigher
> Den tis 22 jan. 2019 kl 17:59 skrev Måns Zigher <mans.zigher@...>:
>> Hi,
>> I am struggling with a recipe which more or less just downloads binaries and creating a package. We have previously been using ipkg but now we have switched to rpm in our builds. One of the binaries in the packages is a library let's call it This library is part of the package that the recipe is producing. The library is placed under /usr/lib/. When building the image I am getting the following error
>> ERROR: base-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf. Command
>> .....
>> ...
>> Error:
>>  Problem: package packagegroup-x-media-1.0-r11.noarch requires x_media, but none of the providers can be installed
>>   - conflicting requests
>>   - nothing provides needed by x_media-1.0-r44.imx8mq
>> ERROR: base-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Function failed: do_rootfs
>> Here is the output from running the command file on the library
>> usr/lib/ ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, ARM aarch64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped
>> I have also verified that the library is part of the produced rpm so that is not the issue.
>> Dose anyone have any suggestion on how to debug this problem? Because I am out of ideas
>> BR
>> Måns Zigher
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