dnf fail in do_rootfs cannot find shared library

Måns Zigher <mans.zigher@...>


I am struggling with a recipe which more or less just downloads binaries and creating a package. We have previously been using ipkg but now we have switched to rpm in our builds. One of the binaries in the packages is a library let's call it libx_media_1.0.so. This library is part of the package that the recipe is producing. The library is placed under /usr/lib/. When building the image I am getting the following error

ERROR: base-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf. Command
 Problem: package packagegroup-x-media-1.0-r11.noarch requires x_media, but none of the providers can be installed
  - conflicting requests
  - nothing provides libx_media_1.0.so()(64bit) needed by x_media-1.0-r44.imx8mq

ERROR: base-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Function failed: do_rootfs

Here is the output from running the command file on the library

usr/lib/libx_media_1.0.so: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, ARM aarch64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped

I have also verified that the library is part of the produced rpm so that is not the issue.

Dose anyone have any suggestion on how to debug this problem? Because I am out of ideas

Måns Zigher

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