Re: Incorrect config generated for yocto-style kernel (sumo)

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 2019-01-07 9:00 a.m., Kristupas Savickas wrote:
I'm porting a kernel to use yocto-style build process. The kernel fetches fine, but there's a problem with '.config' file generation. I'd like to supply a 'defconfig' and a configuration fragment file 'test.cfg' (which should be overlayed on top of 'defconfig') from the bitbake recipe. What I end up getting is a '.config' file that looks like it used the default values - neither 'defconfig' nor 'test.cfg' was used. Here's what I have going in my recipe:
The defconfig + fragment wouldn't have been ignored, but it is
also possible that other settings / fragments were applied that
are making it look like they were not applied.

Can you look at your kernel-source/.kernel-meta/bsp_definition
file, and see what was used as the entry point to the configuration ?
If something was generated by the system, it would be pulling in
the standard definitions/fragments.



LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=d7810fab7487fb0aad327b76f1be7cd7"
inherit tlt-image kernel
require recipes-kernel/linux/
SRCREV    = "8f450c58d196723a78527b643910b90d7cd6549f"
SRC_URI = " \
        git://git@...;protocol=ssh \
        file://defconfig \
SRC_URI_append_test = "file://test.cfg"
PV = "3.18.20"
KBRANCH = "master"
KMACHINE = "test"
KARCH = "arm"
And here's what the directory structure looks like:
├── meta-test/recipes-kernel/linux-test/files
│   ├── meta-test/recipes-kernel/linux-test/files/defconfig
│   └── meta-test/recipes-kernel/linux-test/files/test.cfg
└── meta-test/recipes-kernel/linux-test/
Configuration files are fetched as intended:
$ ls build/tmp-glibc/work/test-oe-linux-gnueabi/linux-test/3.18.20-r0/
defconfig        linux-test-standard-build  recipe-sysroot-native test.cfg
license-destdir  recipe-sysroot               temp
I've followed instructions from and Am I doing something wrong here?

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