Re: QEMU kernel defconfigs

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 2018-11-15 12:29 p.m., Jon Mason wrote:
I'm having difficulty determining where the kernel defconfigs are
defined and located. I'm specifically looking for the qemuarm and
qemuarm64 kernel defconfigs. I've looked at the relevant
no SRC_URI with defconfig or KBUILD_DEFCONFIG_KMACHINE defined in
What am I missing?
The reference machines with linux-yocto don't use defconfigs at all.
They are fully assembled from the configuration fragments in the
kernel-cache repo.

You'll see the location of the kernel-cache, and the routines that
gather up the fragments in the linux-yocto* recipes.

The kernel development manual has that detail as well:


Also, "A defconfig file is simply a .config renamed to "defconfig"."
is not correct. A properly created defconfig is created by `make
savedefconfig` and is a minimal file which only has the delta between
the desired config and defaults from the Kconfig files.

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