about install shell script privilege problem

Ke, Liping <liping.ke@...>

Hi, Jessica
When testing the script, we found some privilege problems if using normal user to install the sdk.

Now all those packages must be installed to /opt, which acquire root privilege.
So when running opkg-cl, the installation root must be pointed to "/", so opkg-cl needs root privilege too.
Since the installation root is "/", the opkg lib dir must be under "/var/lib/opkg" which needs root privilege too.

And also, when extract rootfs, we need to use pseudo, since pseudo is installed under /opt/poky/, when running, it needs to create lock file which also needs root privilege.

If user don't use sudo, there're several problems which can't be solved well enough currently (for example, yes, we can change owner of /opt/poky to current user, but what if user another username b to install another architecture under the /opt/poky?)

So after discussion, we decide to use sudo to run the script.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks& Regards,

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