Re: [Question]: do_configure fail if cmake project is making use of ExternalProject

Alexander Kanavin

Sadly, Yocto is not well equippped to deal with projects that download
stuff from the internet as a part of the build process. I'd say if
it's just one project, write a separate recipe for it, and build it
via that. Then install into the original recipe's sysroot or build dir
as needed, and make sure the project doesn't attempt to download it


2018-09-06 13:05 GMT+02:00 Måns Zigher <mans.zigher@...>:


I have a cmake project that is making use of ExternalProject_Add. The
external project will make use of git clone to pull down the project. The
problem that I am seeing is that the do_configure will fail because it
cannot find git which is not part of the sysroot the reason for git not
being part the sysroot is that git-native is included in ASSUME_PROVIDED
which prevent me from getting it into the sysroot and when running
do_configure it will only look for it in the sysroot and not on the host if
I am not mistaken? What would the best way be to proceed to solve this

Måns Zigher

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