Re: (How) did you script bitbake/set up nightly builds?


Fair enough, I gave an example with a simple workaround. :)

But you do have a point there, if I'm getting you answer right on a broader level.
Is it something like this? 

> Instead of setting the environment only once and running bitbake multiple times
> just make the environment sourcing and bitbake execution an atomic operation.

So if I wanted to automate i.e.:

. oe-init-build-env mybuild
bitbake -c cleanall failure_prone_package
bitbake failure_prone_package
bitbake foo #image build

It's fine to do it like this:". oe-init-build-env mybuild ; bitbake -c cleanall failure_prone_package", shell=True)". oe-init-build-env mybuild ; bitbake failure_prone_package", shell=True)". oe-init-build-env mybuild ; bitbake foo", shell=True)

On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 1:30 PM, Burton, Ross <ross.burton@...> wrote:
On 31 August 2018 at 12:24, Alan Martinovic <alan.martinovic@...> wrote:
> Thanks Ross
> this is what more or less what I'm doing.
> What I haven't found a way to do from python is making modifications from
> the initialized build directory.
> I'd like to do that to change things in conf/local.conf.
> For example generate DISTRO_VERSION from git describe --tags
> That is something that needs to happen in between
> . oe-init-build-env  and bitbake foo". oe-init-build-env mybuild", shell=True)
# call git-desribe, write to mybuild/conf/auto.conf". oe-init-build-env mybuild ; bitbake foo", shell=True)


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