[PATCH] meta-bsp-kirkwood: created layer for Marvellkirkwood

Frans Meulenbroeks <fransmeulenbroeks@...>

Actually wanted my reply to Bruce to go to the list too (and guess his
reply should also have gone to the list so added that too).

Issue is that most of the other lists I'm on (including openembedded)
use reply to reply to the list, not to the original author.
Guess I'll make this mistake every once in a while).


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From: Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>
Date: 2010/11/29
Subject: Re: [yocto] [PATCH] meta-bsp-kirkwood: created layer for
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On 10-11-29 03:30 PM, Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:

2010/11/29 Bruce Ashfield<bruce.ashfield@...>:

In message: [yocto] [PATCH] meta-bsp-kirkwood: created layer for Marvellkirkwood
on 28/11/2010 Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:

This layer is a first attempt to create a layer for kirkwoord.
It is based upon the OpenEmbedded recipes (most of which I have
added too)
Sorry for the slow reply, the 3.2M of inlines/attachments
blew Thunderbird out of the water and I had to switch
to mutt.
Oops. Sorry about that. I only noticed that the stuff was that big
after uploading it, and on hindsight, I should probably have cancelled
it and posted a link instead.

u-boot still needs some work and the kernel also needs some attention
(but marvell/globalscale are not really keeping things up to date)
On this topic. Is there any reason to not use linux-yocto
for the kernel ? Whenever possible, I'd like to get everyone
pulling in the same direction for these platforms. We have
plenty of experience and support for platforms close to
the kirkwood. If the patches were merged into the linux-yocto
kernel repo, they would inherit a feature set and well tested
base that the other BSPs in that repo enjoy.

It also helps us review and push for platforms to be merged
upstrea if things go into a common kernel repository.

It would also mean that the BSP would be kept up to date with
bug/security fixes and be considered for updating to
the latest kernels (i.e. I'm jumping the BSPs to 2.6.37-rc3
right now and will done within a day).

I'd be willing to help with this part, and will have a look
at these patches in a 2.6.37 context (but obviously I don't
have the hardware to use for boot testing).
I agree staying closer to or incorporating things into linux-yocto
would be very desirable.
Actually I haven't had too much time to migrate stuff to a newer
version kernel lately.
Understood, being pragmatic to get patches out for discussion
is the best bet.

As it stands I suspect that Sheevaplug is probably well supported in
the mainline kernel (including sheevaplug variants like guruplug,
seagate freeagent dockstar and maybe even things like pogoplug).
A more troublesome part is openrd (and especially openrd client). As
far as I know they contain some drivers that are not mainlined. The
video driver and, if I recall correctly, the audio driver falll into
that category (and maybe some of the pci express stuff).
Agreed. This is the tricky part, whenever we mix mainline
and core functionality that is out of tree, things become
more painful.

I would appreciate it if you could have a look at the patches and see
if they can be merged one way or another. I am not really an expert
when it comes to audio and video drivers, so your help is greatly
I definitely will have a look at this. I've almost completed
the rest of my 2.6.37 effort (bisecting a last BSP now) and will
have a look at it from the angle of how it would work in a
newer kernel.

As far as testing concerns. I have a sheevaplug and openrd client
board, I'm more than happy to participate in the testing.

As far as u-boot concerns: I saw some patches on the u-boot mailing
list the other day to add SD card support. Once that is there I guess
most of the functionality is available at git head (sheeva ships
withu-boot 1.1.4 with quite some Marvell specific patches).
Sounds good. Thanks for the reply.


Best regards, Frans

PS: it might be possible to pick up a seagate freeagent dockstar quite
cheaply. I know last august they were only eur 20 in Germany).

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