Re: Unable to set system clock

Gary Thomas

On 2012-01-10 22:14, Navani Kamal Srivastava wrote:
Hi Gary,

What's your hardware target?
We are using iMX35 processor.

There is a bug #1767 that can make the system always reset the clock to the saved timestamp on boot.
I am not pretty sure for this because I am able to set system clock using freescale provided rootfs. This problem I am getting only with poky rootfs. I guess I need to change some recipe. It would be a great help if you can help me in that.
The problem is that even when you set the date, your Poky system
does not use it when the system is rebooted because of this bug.

The simplest work-around (until the bug fix is finalized) is to
add the 'coreutils' package to your image.

Thanks& Regards,
Navani Kamal Srivastava
n.b. Please keep replies on the mailing list so that everyone
can benefit.

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