Re: RFC: Joint, monthly, and online forum for developer discussion

Jack Mitchell <ml@...>

On 10/01/12 22:16, Joshua Lock wrote:
Hi Sean,

On 09/01/12 17:49, Hudson, Sean wrote:
I propose having a monthly, online developer forum that promotes
discussion on longer term technical issues that impact both Yocto and
OpenEmbedded. This would supplement the already existing mailing list
and irc communication channels. In order to facilitate this, I’d like to
propose a telephone/web conference, which my employer has agreed to host.
This forum would help provide an additional way for the community to
discuss technical issues and share information about planned work and
works in progress.
I really like the intent here, a lot of people don't like IRC/mailing lists and I'd like to enable as many people as possible to participate in the project.
I agree, in general, the more community/group discussion that goes on the better the resulting effort will be.

Two things worry me about a telephone/web conference:
1) Our projects have participants spread across many time-zones and it will be difficult to accommodate more than one or two of those in any such real-time discussion.
2) In my experience as the number of participants in a call increases the ability for individuals to comment decreases. Generally I find calls with more than half a dozen or so participants difficult to participate in. I suspect I'm not alone.
If the call was streamed live, there could be people listening and noting ideas which could then be brought up on the mailing list - with which to iron out the creases and bring up at the next conference, rather than immediately on a whim? Therefore with an agenda beforehand only people who have very strong feelings or a lot to say on the subject would join, everybody else could listen in and pipe up on IRC or the mailing list if they feel the need to vent.

A chair-person or someone else could also be a representative of IRC and if people have short, constructive input this could be relayed? Again, bringing the number of people in the call down.
Additionally, with respect to 1), I worry about how we might enable folks unable to attend to, if not participate in the discussion, at least be aware of what was discussed.
Would it be possible to record the conference and make it publicly available, this could solve the technical minutes issue and also allow people who cannot attend to hear first hand what has been said.

I'm not sure that minutes would be sufficient for more technical topics.

With that said I do think such conversations are important and would be happy to join in. I simply want to raise my concerns early and see if anyone has ideas which might help here.

Initial Topics for Discussion might include:

1. layering definitions – discussion on what exists today and how to
make it better
2. discussions on techniques to make working with oe/yocto better
3. oe/yocto disconnects (opportunities for better alignment)
4. common new user issues
5. documentation (standards, lacks, etc)
6. ?
I think this is a great set of topics, and very worthy of discussion. I'd certainly like to be involved in 2,3&4.

Just my 2p.

Best Regards,

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