Re: yocto on Acer Aspire One NAV50

Jim Abernathy

On 01/10/2012 10:50 AM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
On 12-01-10 10:47 AM, James Abernathy wrote:
I created a core-image-sato using the meta-n450 BSP hoping I could work
with it on the Acer Aspire One 532h-2588. However, that netbook uses the
Atheros AR5B95 wireless NIC and the Atheros AR8132 wired NIC, which are
not recognized. Is there anything already in Yocto that could be turned
on to support these devices, or am I left with porting the drives?
Since Ubuntu 11.10 with it's kernel 3.0.0 supports these devices and
runs on the netbook, I'm guessing it's a matter of configuring the
kernel to include these modules.
Does this sound right??
That should be all that is required. If the drivers you need are
indeed in 3.0 (I didn't go check explicitly), then you can create
a bbappend for the BSP in a layer, and add a configuration fragment
that enables the drivers you need (as modules or builtin, your

Examples of config fragments are in the BSP/kernel guides found on
the yocto project pages.
If I'm only making changes to the .config parameters, do I still need to create
a local bare clone of the yocto kernel and also git the poky-extras repository as mentioned
in the Developers Manual appendix B?

Jim A



Jim A

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