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Marcelo – I’ll send you some things offline.


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Let me introduce myself and tell you the reason behind this mail.

I’m an engineer at Intel ASDC (Argentina Software Development Center) (SSWD) with a constant interest in embedded systems. I am particularly interested in looking for opportunities to grow the local embedded ecosystem.

For such reason I’ve participated to local academia events related to this, such us the Argentinean Symposium of embedded Systems were I presented at a personal title a use case of an open source embedded OS .

For the second Edition of the Symposium (to be held in March ’11)  Intel SMG division (that SWSD is part of) is a sponsor, and we have been granted the possibility of giving a talk.  The presentation is titled: "Using Intel's hardware for embedded with Yocto and MeeGo".  In this course it will be explained why Yocto and MeeGo are ideal for exploiting Atom-based architectures to their maximum. Features and architecture of both operating systems will be presented as well as development tools too.


It is our best  interest to increase the awareness of two of the main open source initiatives of Intel, such as MeeGo and Yocto.

It is possible to receive some materials/presentations / PoC or collaterals you may have available?


Thanks and best regards.


Marcelo Lorenzati
Argentina Software Development Center

Software and Services Group
Phone: +54 351 526-5625





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