Re: devtool finish & patch order

Alexander Kanavin

2018-06-15 2:11 GMT+03:00 Peter Kjellerstedt <peter.kjellerstedt@...>:
* `devtool modify -w <some simple package>`
* Modify some file, e.g., add some comment to the Makefile.
* Commit it with subject "Change 1"
* Repeat the two steps above two more times, increasing the number in
the subject each time.
* `devtool finish <some simple package> <layer where the recipe is>`
* Examine the updated recipe. In my case the patches were in the correct
order after this step:

SRC_URI = "<original URI> \
file://0001-Change-1.patch \
file://0002-Change-2.patch \
file://0003-Change-3.patch \

* Not to be discouraged, I started over (using the existing source dir):
* `devtool modify -n <some simple package>`
* `git rebase -i 'HEAD~3'` (in workspace/sources/<some simple package>)
* Use "reword" on the last two commits and change their subject lines
to "Another change" and "Some third change".
* `devtool finish <some simple package> <some other layer than where the recipe is>`
* Now I ended up with the following in the new .bbappend file:

SRC_URI += "file://0002-Another-change.patch file://0003-Some-third-change.patch file://0001-Change-1.patch"
Wait, what would be the correct thing for devtool to do here? The
original patches are already added to the recipe in the original
layer, so .bbappend
would have to first revert them and add newly modified ones? I don't
think devtool is that clever :) Does it add the patches correctly, if
you repeat
the first half of the sequence (adding new patches), but use devtool
finish to save changes to a diffferent layer?


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