LIC_FILES_CHKSUM: spaces in file names



I have a base recipe generated with devtool.

The package I build has several license files which contain space characters in the file names.

LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://;md5=b229ca0c79785e9e86311477e7bdd9ea \
                                         file://LICENSES/MIT License.txt;md5=3ba96e7848c3cedc5df2d00094a0d0f3 \
                                         file://LICENSES/FreeImage Public License.txt;md5=ffcd65468a2d2b3e3e43fbaf63ceedf7 \
                                         file://LICENSES/Boost Software License.txt;md5=2c7a3fa82e66676005cd4ee2608fd7d2 \
                                         file://LICENSES/zlib-libpng License.txt;md5=09b00738058950409d6955872d715416 \
                                         file://LICENSES/OpenSIFT License.txt;md5=7a69fc0ac94076df51f7db9b0c02fe7c \
                                         file://LICENSES/ISSL License.txt;md5=1ba0d78ed416760e4a8ef3dc121e69c8"

Bitbake fails and seem to break at the first space character
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM contains an invalid URL: License.txt;md5=3ba96e7848c3cedc5df2d00094a0d0f3

How can I deal with this? Any other options than renaming the files? 

I tried surrounding with quotes, "\ "using, nothing helps.


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