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Jim Abernathy

On Dec 23, 2011, at 3:50 AM, Koen Kooi wrote:

Op 23 dec. 2011, om 09:37 heeft Paul Eggleton het volgende geschreven:

On Friday 23 December 2011 09:28:31 Koen Kooi wrote:
Op 22 dec. 2011, om 16:06 heeft Jim Abernathy het volgende geschreven:
I know the examples in the documentation of Yocto use meta-intel a lot
to get the board specific BSPs like meta-crownbay or meta-n450.

Is there a meta-ti or similar that gets you the meta-beagleboard and
meta-pandaboard? If not how do you clone and checkout the pandaboard

It has a README in there on how to set it up, read it and follow it
Just out of interest, why does meta-texasinstruments depend on meta-angstrom?
It needs extra things in overrides and reuses tasks from there.
Sorry for the follow-up, but if I clone the meta-texasinstruments bsp repository and checkout the pandaboard-rework branch,
how does that relate to the Yocto branch/bsp yocto/standard/pandaboard on the Yocto site?

Being a Yocto newbie, it's hard enough to understand all the branches on the yocto site. Relating the meta-angstrom is confusing.

The light bulb has now gone on yet :-)

Jim A

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