about add python3 modules

Lai Y.C. <yclai017@...>


I need to include python3 and some modules on my board. We are using yocto 1.7.1 .
I have included python3 and python3-modules into the image.
Python3 is able to run but there are problems with the modules.

1. when I import "subprocess" module,  it gives errors that the module "_posixsubprocess" is not found. How should I include _posixsubprocess ?
2. There are couple of modules that are installed but they are found when I used it. i.e. I have the argparse.py in /usr/lib/python3.3. However, the module is not found when I try to import it. (tested with python3 -c "import argparse"). Any clue what hasn't be set-up properly?



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