Re: Next steps on the Yocto Project's developer experience

Barros Pena, Belen <belen.barros.pena@...>

Hi all,

We'll be posting all design-related documentation in the wiki. Our first iteration of the Hob 1.2 design is available at:

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

Very much looking forward to your feedback.


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Subject: [yocto] Next steps on the Yocto Project's developer experience

Hello all – those of you who read our blog posts know that we are trying to continually improve our developer experience. I have some good news here.

I would like to introduce Belen Barros Pena who has joined the Yocto Project recently. She is a very experienced user interaction designer, based in London. Belen is starting to make major contributions to the project in the area of the developer experience. Initially, she will be focusing on two area: one is to do research into embedded Linux developers and understand their capabilities and expectations relative to a project such as Yocto. The other is more short-term, to redesign the Hob so that it will be easier for developers to understand and use it. Belen’s work will all be done in the open, and I encourage everyone in the project with an interest in such things to check out her work and provide feedback. Belen will introduce in follow-up mail how to get access to her design proposals. Welcome Belen!

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