Re: FW: [oe] BitBake parallel parsing testing

Joshua Lock <josh@...>

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 02:50 -0700, Gary Thomas wrote:
On 11/24/2010 01:45 AM, Xu, Dongxiao wrote:
FYI, bitbake parallel parsing is enabled, which can greatly reduce the file parsing time.
There are some data test result in OE's following mails.

Bitbake 1.10: 3m2.185s
parallel-parsing (BB_NUM_PARSE_THREADS=num_cpu): 1m48.232s parallel-parsing (BB_NUM_PARSE_THREADS=2*num_cpu): 1m1.869s
To be clear - this is in the Poky main tree? since what commit?
No, this is an RFC from one of the bitbake developers and currently only
resides in his personal branch of bitbake.

Joshua Lock
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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