Re: How do I patch binutils for the SDK

Paul D. DeRocco

From: Khem Raj []

you can just make 1 patch download;a=com
mitdiff_plain;h=> 39865a7f420ab4ca4dec6ed27339618a5d5dc366;hp=fe22022617a7122491aa83c893a10a8d861cde73

and delete the hunk which contains changeslog entry and rest
should apply
cleanly. And add it to SRC_URI in
That didn't change anything. (Pyro is using 2.28, BTW.)

The crosssdk recipe is built in x86_64-linux/binutils-crosssdk-x86_64-pokysdk-linux/2.28-r0/git. All I see in there are a couple of quilt directories containing my patch files, no source files. So I decided to run a devshell. Since that doesn't happen until after the patches are supplied, that failed, too. So I removed the .bbappend and ran the devshell. There they were, a half-bazillion nice source files, including the gas directory. So I put the .bbappend back and ran the devshell again, and the first thing it did was clean that directory, after which the patches failed again.

I have no clue how this build system works. Is the source directory supposed to be where the files are patched? What cleans the source directory? I notice that after any build, there never seem to be any source files hanging around.


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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