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Khem Raj

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 03:33:53AM +0000, Gutierrez, Hernan Ildefonso (Boise R&D, FW) wrote:

Thanks for the response.

Is there an example of what you mentioned below which is open source?

So far my two references have been Freescale and Mali. I found mali much simpler than Freescale, however Mali GPU doesn't really have a refactor of mesa, they only do a simple bbappend to mesa with
the PROVIDES_remove statement I stated in my original note.
you can also look at meta-raspberrypi

For reference here:


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We have a GPU in our system. We created a recipe to satisfy all the
dependencies for core-image-weston (virtual/egl, virtual/libgl, etc.), except
virtual/mesa, which is not provided by our GPU recipe.

When one builds core-image-weston, the image requires mesa to build as

Our approach to satisfy dependencies is very similar to what Freescale and
other vendors with Mali GPU support use, which is through the following

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/egl = "my-gpu-recipe"
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgles1 = " my-gpu-recipe "
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgles2 = " my-gpu-recipe "
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgl = "my-gpu-recipe"
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/mesa = "mesa"

The way to remove mesa support for virtual/egl, virtual/libgles1, etc. is by
adding a mesa_%.bbappend where it states explicitly to remove those
provides from mesa recipe.

PROVIDES_remove = "virtual/libgles1 virtual/libgles2 virtual/libopenvg

The problem I am running into is that bitbake complains stating that
virtual/mesa is not satisfied (Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/mesa')

When I do bitbake-layers show-recipes, I see that mesa recipe is skipped
because it gave priority to my-gpu-recipe.

How can two recipes be used and let bitbake satisfy parts of each recipe?

Any hints will be appreciated.
there is no easy way to control providers once a recipe is pulled in.
you can refactor mesa recipe like we have done for mesa and mesa-gl which
will mean adding a another recipe which just builds the needed portions of
mesa in each recipe, if your GPU driver provides everything you need to run
weston, then you can let it provide everything that mesa provides and
bitbake wont pick up mesa at all.


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