devtool sdk-install <recipe>


I'm confused as to how the devtool sdk-install command is supposed to work. Take for example:

devtool sdk-install cxxtest

This installs all the /usr/lib and /usr/include stuff into the sysroot, but doesn't install the /usr/bin stuff required to actually use cxxtest.

So should I install nativesdk-cxxtest instead? Still doesn't work, but I was just curious about the nativesdk- prefix.
cxxtest-native doesn't work either.
Does the cxxtest recipe need a SYSROOT_DIRS_append = " ${bindir}" in order to get the /usr/bin files installed in the eSDK when someone installs it?

PS - often devtool sdk-install <recipe> will act like it is working and then print an error at the end:

NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 105 tasks of which 71 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.
ERROR: Failed to install nativesdk-cxxtest - unavailable

PPS - a google search for devtool sdk-install returns nothing, so hopefully the mailing list can help.

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