Re: Layer versions at runtime

Philip Balister

Or better yet use

to get:

Build Configuration: |
DISTRO = nodistro
DISTRO_VERSION = nodistro.0
Layer Revisions: |
meta = master:8ca61a5464743ff85b6d26886112750d6ddd13e0
meta-xilinx = master:74a0d90e52cca346d05a69bbd628c6ec9e49fbcb
meta-oe = master:5c9a4a08844c215ebd6f2146f50de753b8e7ecef
meta-networking = master:5c9a4a08844c215ebd6f2146f50de753b8e7ecef
meta-filesystems = master:5c9a4a08844c215ebd6f2146f50de753b8e7ecef
meta-python = master:5c9a4a08844c215ebd6f2146f50de753b8e7ecef
meta-multimedia = master:5c9a4a08844c215ebd6f2146f50de753b8e7ecef
meta-sdr = qt5-test:dacc304b01eac7448ec1ebf0b3d0eab761c41a26 --
meta-qt5 = master:2c3ef00f53683fbdce5b390950b49b67da85d3a1
meta-qcom = master:bae28268a9387bb842ab7bbe8200b98c1210604c
meta-raspberrypi = master:9d84186870a6f9bde44575690105b9bb5e44ca24


On 10/12/2017 05:11 AM, Ayoub Zaki wrote:

That's easy to do :

do_install_append () {

    for layer in ${BBLAYERS}; do
        cd $layer
        echo -n "$(basename $layer) = "  >> ${D}${sysconfdir}/gitinfo
        git rev-parse HEAD >> ${D}${sysconfdir}/gitinfo

add it in a recipe or add it to os-release.bbappend

On 12.10.2017 11:05, Alan Martinovic wrote:
I've noticed that bitbake prints the git commit versions of the layers
when the build starts.

meta-python       = "HEAD:b40116cf457b88a2db14b86fda9627fb34d56ae6"
meta-mender-core  = "HEAD:c3b1b465ce3a27fc7b03a6b7ef596348835cff57"
meta-go           = "HEAD:514b2a80a2a4235687e92fb28328bb3e7c2d6c74"

Does this information find it's way into the rootfs?
If not, any suggestions on how to achieve this?

The goal is to have this info available while the image is running.

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