Re: Navigating the layer labyrinth

Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin@...>

On 10/12/2017 12:34 PM, Bernd wrote:
* Finding the *file path* of an existing recipe (or append file or
class) *by its name* and also all existing .bbappends for it, i
imagine something simple like bitbake --show-paths foo-bar would
output me the small list of absolute paths of recipe files by the name
foo-bar and all matching .bbappend files in the order in which they
would be applied, it would show me only this small list of paths and
not dump 100kb of unrelated information along with it. This would be
incredibly helpful when I need to inspect an existing recipe in order
to understand how I can bbappend it or even just to see and understand
what it actually does.
* A simple way to track the assignment of a certain variable, to
inspect its contents and if it refers to other variables then
recursively show their contents too (and also the path of the bb file
where this happens), and also show which other recipes will directly
and indirectrly depend on this variable further down the line, I
imagine this should output two tree-like structures where one can see
at one glance how and where all the contents of that variable come
from and where they are going to be used. Again this should be a
simple command that formats and outputs that (and only that)
information in a well formatted and compact tree-like representation.
I think bitbake -e could be of some help with these two things. It's not particularly compact, but it tells you the full story.


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