Setting kernel CONFIG variables in the RPi

Paul D. DeRocco

Apparently, the meta-raspberrypi layer does not employ the Yocto method of
modifying the kernel configuration through config fragments. Instead, it
uses a kernel_configure_variable function called from within a
do_configure_prepend function in recipes-kernel/linux/

The question is this: if the defconfig that comes with the kernel includes
one value, but overrides it to another value in
do_configure_prepend, but I want the original value, how can I override it
again in a .bbappend in my own layer? I can't use do_configure_prepend,
because it would be defining a function already defined in the .bb file,
right? Or if I could do that, wouldn't I be prepending it before what's
prepended in the .bb file, so my change would play first, and then be
undone by the .bb file? What's the solution?


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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