RPI VideoCore IV bare-metal release

Ed Vidal

Hello All.
When Ultibo core was first released at the start of 2016 perhaps the most surprising thing for us was how much interest there was in using graphics and displaying information on screen, the questions began almost from day one and have persisted to this day.
We had initially envisaged Ultibo as an IoT platform to be hidden away and used for sensing, controlling and monitoring often without any console, display or visual output at all. Of course IoT means many things to many people so our vision of network connected gadgets didn’t quite take account of the true potential offered by the Raspberry Pi.
It is with great pleasure that we announce today the release of Ultibo core 2.0, the Beetroot release, and the inclusion of full support for the VideoCore IV GPU in all models of the Raspberry Pi. Anyone who has read about this subject will have seen a lot of information, some of it true, some of it not so true and others just plain wrong.
Along the way we’ve seen many claims, there is no documentation, it’s all a secret and closed source or it can’t be done because they won’t release the details. We are not about to try and tell you this was an easy task but with a lot of research, reading, exploration and experimentation we have arrived at a result that we are very proud of. Once again it shows that anything can be done if you really want it to happen.
Today we pass the baton to you, the Ultibo community, it’s your turn to show us what you can do now that you have some of the most powerful graphics features at your disposal. Let’s get the message out to the world and show everyone what is possible if you have a little bit of imagination, it’s time to make something amazing.
As always the latest installer is available from the download page, get your copy now and try it out.

For those who might prefer to build their own version for Windows or for Linux see the wiki for instructions.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Edward Vidal Jr. e-mail develone@... 915-595-1613

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