Minutes: Yocto Technical Team Meeting - Tuesday, December 13, 2011 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Saul Wold <sgw@...>

Sean, Beth, Tom, Richard, Darren, Bruce, Dave, Joshua, Mark, ScottR, Saul

New Action Item List:
* Action item Review - 5 min
1. Mark will review unsorted features from Wind River team and try to have them scheduled (WIP)

Focus of the current week:
M1 Stabilization, M2 Planning


* Opens collection - 5 min (Saul)
RP: Autobuild & Bugs

* Opens - 10 min
- Folded into 1.2 Status

* Yocto 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 point release update - 10 min (Josh/Beth)
- Build issue on OpenSuse 11.04 with Host Intrusion
- QA ran and found 7 problems, 1 will need to be fixed.
- DISTRO_VERSION needs to be updated
* AR Josh: Email to CCB to review QA Result
- 1.1.1 Status
- CCB will review size of patch set in New Year
- 1.1.1rc1 will be built before Christmas
- QA will do a run between Christmas and New Years

* Yocto 1.2 M1 Status (features development) - 10 min (Song/Beth)
- We are coming up on M1 RC2 with a couple of issues related
QT, the Auto builder and sanity testing, Saul will pull and
get a test spin rolling

- Richard has been clearing the Patch Queue and fixing issues with
the build, we need to do a better job of testing patches
- M1 Review:
- All P1 Features made it into M1
- Hob2 work occured in Hob2 branch
- Self-Hosted Build Appliance can build almost all of world
under 6 recipes failures, with pending fixes
- Many P2 Features were also completed
- Autoconf/Automake
- Video Acceleration
- Meta-Intel Config Update
- Package History
- Autobuilder sstate option
- BuildStats Memory Measurements
- Other M1 P2 Items that are close and will be delivered soon
- GTK/Directfb (in Master now)
- Sanity Check for Userspace (Pending fixing errors discovered by
said sanity checks)
- Host Intrusion (M2 Planning)
- EFI (in Master now, bug fixes pending)
- Grub for Syslinux Change (pending)

- M2 Planning, please send Song Update as well as update Bug/Enhancment
- Reveiwed Bug WDD and Bug Count

* Action item Review - 5 min
1. Mark will review unsorted features from Wind River team and try to have them scheduled (WIP)
2. Saul to look at RC1 image for issues with dbus
3. Saul to pull Qt, Qemu and useradd patches into M1 Rc2 and get spin

* Weekly team sharing (20 min)

Scott R:
Shared State documentation, Virtual Machine Appliance (Fedora Hosted), Webcast, Waiting for feedback from RP on Sstate
Mark: Windriver stuff
Joshua: Stable release, Planning M2 Tasks
Dave: Managing
Bruce: Working on M1 Late M2 Planning, Discussing with Tom/Darren Config Options, Standalone Linux-Yocto tree build
Darren: Meta-Tiny Update, Intel BSP Support Work, Bug Fixing
Richard: Chasing Autobuilder failures, sstate, patch merge Queue, Bug counte reduction
Tom: Intel BSP work, Updated EMGD, Kernel Usability
Beth: License Stuff in Master, Milestone release, Stable 1.0.2 Release, Autobuilder fixes
Sean: Mentor
Saul: Non-Gplv3 Self Hosted, Bug investigation, Patch queue

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