Is linux-yocto-rt kernel compatible with x32 tune?

Paul D. DeRocco

I've been fighting with this off and on for a week. If I build
core-image-minimal for a generic86-64 machine, I can get it to use the x32
ABI, or I can switch to the linux-yocto-rt 4.8 kernel, but I can't do

If I do both, it builds with no complaint other than a lot of bit size
errors in grub-efi do_package_qa (which don't seem to matter with the
standard kernel). Most binaries, including loadable kernel modules, are
properly built as ELF architecture i386:x64-32, but the kernel itself is
built as i386:x86-64. The result is an immediate kernel panic trying to
run init, because the kernel doesn't know how to load it.

I understand that not all packages have been updated to work with x32, but
the RT kernel? Is this a combination that is known not to work? If it is
expected to work, am I the first person to try to boot it on actual
hardware? I'd like to know either that this simply won't work, so I can
stop wasting time on it, or get some help diagnosing the problem and
fixing it. I'm stumped.


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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