Re: Image lacks libraries needed by SDK

Paul D. DeRocco

From: Andre McCurdy []

I noticed that when I built an SDK under
core-image-minimal, it didn't include libasound, but that
was included
when I built it under my own image which includes ALSA. So
it's obviously
paying attention to what's in the image. So is there some
package I need
to include in my image to complete the set of libraries to
match what's in
the SDK?
Not directly. You could add packagegroup-core-standalone-sdk-target to
the image, but then you'd get the corresponding -dev packages too
(header files, etc). Your best bet may be to add libstdc++ plus any
other individual packages to the image as you find you need them.
That was pretty painless. It turned out that was the only missing library. Thanks.


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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