Re: multiple, different kernel images in one rootfs

Khem Raj

On 3/28/17 2:53 AM, Richard Leitner wrote:
I'm currently using Jethro and like to include multiple, different
kernel (fit)images (with different source branches/versions) in one
RootFS. When booting such a system the bootloader (U-Boot) will decide
which kernel to load.
There is/was a way to build multiple kernels see something like this

might help you

I've already done some searches on the Internet, but found only Bug
6945, which seems to be something similar. But I'm unable to find any
documentation on it, and the commits linked to the bugzilla [1] aren't
very helpful.

Furthermore a similar question on the mailing list in 2015 [2] wasn't

So does anybody of you know how to implement that or where/how I might
get started?

Thanks & regards,
Richard L


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