make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'fitImage'. Stop.

Robert P. J. Day

i'll start a new thread to focus on just this issue. again, building
core-image-minimal for mpc8315e-rdb, adding this to local.conf:

INHERIT += "kernel-fitimage" <-- do i need this line?
KERNEL_IMAGETYPES_append = " fitImage"

anyway, run:

$ bitbake virtual/kernel

and eventually get:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'fitImage'. Stop.

which makes sense since there is no such make target defined in the
kernel, but that shouldn't be happening since the image type of
"fitImage" should be mapped to "zImage" in kernel-fitimage.bbclass,
should it not?

python __anonymous () {
kerneltypes = d.getVar('KERNEL_IMAGETYPES') or ""
if 'fitImage' in kerneltypes.split():
depends = d.getVar("DEPENDS")
depends = "%s u-boot-mkimage-native dtc-native" % depends
d.setVar("DEPENDS", depends)

if d.getVar("UBOOT_ARCH") == "x86":
replacementtype = "bzImage"
replacementtype = "zImage"

# Override KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE variable, which is internal
# to kernel.bbclass . We have to override it, since we pack zImage
# (at least for now) into the fitImage .
typeformake = d.getVar("KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE") or ""
if 'fitImage' in typeformake.split():
d.setVar('KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE', typeformake.replace('fitImage', replacementtype))
... snip ...

isn't that snippet supposed to replace "fitImage" with "zImage" in
KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE? but if i dump with:

$ bitbake -e virtual/kernel

i get:

# $KERNEL_IMAGETYPES [3 operations]
... snip ...


# set kernel.bbclass:48 [__anon_81__home_rpjday_oe_dist_layers_poky_meta_classes_kernel_bbclass]
# "uImage fitImage"

so "fitImage" is still there. shouldn't that have been replaced by
"zImage"? what am i overlooking here?



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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