Re: any rumblings about a newer YP powerpc reference board than mpc8315e-rdb?

Robert P. J. Day

On Fri, 3 Mar 2017, Andy Pont wrote:

Ross Burton wrote...

it seems of limited value for YP to have a powerpc reference board,
mpc8315e-rdb, that is essentially impossible to procure. is there any
effort being made to look around for a newer powerpc reference board
that people could actually buy?
Do you have any suggestions?
If we are being strictly pedantic then is isn't PowerPC (at least in
the world that is Freescale / NXP / Whoever they are this week).

I would look at one of the P10xx series QorIQ boards. Digi-Key list
the P1021RDB-PC-ND and P1024RDB-PA-ND as being active parts which
are either single or dual e500 cores.
i would start with the machine definition files in the meta-fsl-ppc

and see what looks promising. however, IIRC, one of the properties of
a YP reference board is that it shouldn't be stupid, crazy expensive,
no? so anything climbing above $500 (USD) might not be an option.
people used to spending $60 for a beaglebone black might have a
seizure to suddenly realize they need $500 for a powerpc reference



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