couple questions about kernel-dev manual, section 2.6, "emenlow" branch

Robert P. J. Day

still working my way through the kernel-dev manual, and a couple
oddities in section 2.6.

first, the example given uses the (alleged) standard/emenlow branch,
which i'm pretty sure doesn't exist anymore, yes? if one is going to
use an example, i suggest one base that example on one of the YP
reference BSPs that's guaranteed to always exist, such as beagleboard
or arm-versatile-926ejs.

next, i'm assuming that one would be running those "git whatchanged"
commands in the project directory, under
tmp/work-shared/<target>/kernel-source, yes? it's just not made clear
in that section where a reader would be doing those things.

finally, section 2.6.1 reads:

"Here is an example that looks at what has changed in the emenlow
branch of the linux-yocto-3.19 kernel."

what does the kernel version of 3.19 have to do with those git
commands? how do those commands depend on the particular version of
the linux-yocto recipe you're using?



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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