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David Stewart

Thanks for doing this!

Some ScottR ARs below.

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Hi all,

I've been thinking about the issue of documenting Poky's dependencies in
the handbook.
At the moment the handbook includes a list of required packages and then
explicitly lists commands to install those packages on Ubuntu.

What I'd like to propose is that we list the required dependencies in
the handbook and then link to a wiki page where we can list explicit
instructions for various distributions.

This allows us to document the process for as many distributions as
possible without cluttering the handbook. An alternative would be to add
this to an appendix but I quite like the idea of people being able to
edit and add to this information without having to use git.

To that end I've added a page to our public wiki showing the steps I had
to take to run Poky on Fedora and CentOS machines:
Good idea. Some suggestions:

1. There seem to be no links to this page from the rest of the wiki. Should add one. Scott - can you please figure out the best place?

2. Can you add something specific to the version of Poky (or Yocto) which has been verified with these distros? For example, f13 and f14 have instructions for Laverne; they might change for a future rev. What is the best way to show this?

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