Re: [rpm] Problems with package upgrades

Anders Darander

* Paul Eggleton <paul.eggleton@...> [111108 17:23]:
On Monday 07 November 2011 10:18:51 Anders Darander wrote:
We have found a problem with upgrading packages on our own image.
(Hopefully it'll show up to an error from our side).
After upgrading system packages, like busybox, we render our system
unusable... In the busybox case, all symlinks pointing to busybox has
been removed, and not reinstated during the post-install script.
The output from the rpm upgrade is shown below [2].
In order to get some feedback, I've reproduced the problem using a
sligthly modified core-image-minimal built for qemux86. In the image, we
increased the rootfs size, removed the removing of packaging data files
and added rpm (dropbear was added to be able to easily tranfser a test
rpm to the system). The patch is at the end of the mail [1].
Once this was done, the image was built, and after that, we bumped the
PR of busybox and rebuilt that package. We transfered the updated
busybox rpm to a running qemux86 instance, and tried to `rpm -Uvh
busybox-1.18.5-r2`. After running this, all links normally pointing to
/bin/busybox are non-existing, most certainly due to problems in the
post-install script.
I looked into this yesterday and there's definitely a problem. I have filed bug
#1760 [1] to track it and as described there should have a working fix very
soon. Thanks for the concise example that helped me to reproduce the issue
Thanks, for looking into this.

Sounds great that you are close to a working fix!


Anders Darander
ChargeStorm AB / eStorm AB

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