Documentation Gaps: Quick Start on Fedora 15, OpenSUSE 11.4, and Ubuntu 11.10

Darren Hart <dvhart@...>

I just installed several virtual machines and have gone through the
quick start guide on each.

Fedora 15, 32 bit
OpenSUSE 11.4, 64 bit
Ubuntu 11.10, 32 bit

A few thoughts:

1) The breakup of "debian" and "rpm-based" installation commands
doesn't really work - especially since there are two rpm-based
commands, one for yum and one for zypper. We would be better off
just saying:

Install the prerequisites:
aptitude install...
yum groupinstal ...
zypper install ...

I think it would be clearer. I was a bit confused by having both Fedora
and SUSE under RPM, with two commands for Fedora and one for SUSE.

2) OpenSUSE triggered the sanity checker and complains about "." being
in the path.

3) OpenSUSE triggered complaints about missing packages as well. The
required additional packages to build core-image-sato for qemux86

4) Ubuntu triggered the dash sanity checker. While there is a bug open
against this and I expect it to be fixed for 1.2, we should update
our documentation so that the Ubuntu users can use the quickstart
guide without getting errors from the build commands.

Ubuntu users should ensure they are running the bash shell (dash will be
supported in the 1.2 release):
# sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash
Select "No"

Other bugs I need to open:
* OpenSUSE listed the path error and missing make on the same line,
with no punctuation to separate the errors.

* Sanity checker lists ubuntu package names on OpenSuse, we should get
these right for Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSuse. It also lists them with
commas, so you can't copy and paste into a zypper command to install.

Darren Hart
Intel Open Source Technology Center
Yocto Project - Linux Kernel

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